Gifts with No Giver

A free collection of nondual spiritual poetry written from the Heart by Nirmala, who is a spiritual teacher in the Advaita tradition.A Love Affair with the Truth

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A free collection of nondual spiritual poetry written from the Heart by Nirmala, who is a spiritual teacher in the Advaita tradition. These poems attempt to capture the undying presence of love in all of its forms. Let your soul be deeply touched by the Rumi - like words of a lover drunk with passion for the truth. Here is a sample poem from the book:

Your hand is always in mine
your whispered endearments are my constant companion
you have never turned your face from me
no matter how many times I have turned from you

now I vow undying love
I meet you in the secret places I used to hide from you in
I hold you with tenderness I used to reserve for my pain
I would give you my life and my breath in an instant

for you are my true love
the one with no form
the one who has never been anywhere, but right here
in the singing of my heart

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Reviews of Gifts with No Giver, a free collection of nondual spiritual poetry by Nirmala:

  • “I first picked up this gem of a book about a decade ago, around the time I was discovering Nirmala and his teachings in the non-dual tradition. Here Nirmala shares his beautiful experiences of Awakening through his own unique heartfelt poems. Enlightened spiritual poetry not unlike other mystical offerings like Rumi, the Songs of Kabir or Lao Tzu's sayings. I continue to find fresh inspiration whenever I open these pages, and with an open heart dare to let myself be touched.” –Akash, BC

  • “At a meditation retreat I was leading at Harbin Hot Springs, a participant handed me your free book of spiritual poetry, Gifts with No Giver. From the moment I opened it, my heart soared into the realms of Silence that your words invited. Tears of truth touched my soul. I have so wanted to savor each poem that I have been reading only one every few days. I love squeezing the juice out of each poem! Thank you for the depths that you have traveled inside yourself that allows your words to thrust me inward." –Peter Rengel, Retreat Leader and author of Living Life in Love and Seeds of Light

  • “If you are looking for a book of spiritual poetry to help light your spiritual path, this book will be a good choice. The subtitle of the book, A Love Affair with Truth, describes well the theme of this collection of spiritual poems. Nirmala's depth of insight is well represented.”  -Gloria Achterberg

    More Spiritual Poetry from the Book

    Why fear this moment
    when no thoughts come
    at last I lie naked
    in the arms of experience

    why fear this moment
    when no words come
    at last I find rest
    in the lap of silence

    why fear this moment
    when love finds itself alone
    at last I am embraced
    by infinity itself

    why fear this moment
    when judgment falls away
    at last my defenses
    fail to keep intimacy at bay

    why fear this moment
    when hope is lost
    at last my foolish dreams
    are surrendered to perfection

    I may think I feel love
    but it is love that feels me
    constantly testing the woven fibers
    that enclose and protect my heart
    with a searing flame
    that allows no illusion of separation

    and as the insubstantial fabric of my inner fortress
    is peeled away by the persistent fire
    I desperately try to save some charred remains
    by escaping into one more dream of passion
    I may think I can find love
    but it is love that finds me

    meanwhile, love becomes patient and lies in wait
    its undying embers gently glowing
    and even if I now turn and grasp after the source of warmth
    I end up cold and empty-handed
    I may think I can possess love
    but it is love that possesses me

    and finally, I am consumed
    for love has flared into an engulfing blaze
    that takes everything
    and gives nothing in return
    I may think love destroys me
    but it is love that sets me free

    The past is long gone
    from here
    there is no way back
    how could there be

    the present is over too quickly
    for feeble desires
    to have any effect
    except to hide peace

    the future races ahead
    forever out of reach
    of dreamy wishes
    and useless plans

    and yet when I rest
    in the endless now
    every need is satisfied
    in ways never imagined

    I have fallen in love with truth
    I only want to be with her
    I can not stand to be apart
    I would gladly go to the ends of the earth
    or I would never again move from this spot
    just to be sure to inhale her fragrant perfume
    with my dying breath

    I have fallen in love with truth
    her every wish my command
    I simply must obey
    for she has captured my soul
    and taken complete control
    of even my innermost thoughts
    freeing me to find repose
    in her unadorned splendor

    I have fallen in love with truth
    with exquisite tenderness she shows me
    the perfection in my every flaw
    no need for pretense
    for she knows everything about me
    and yet takes me in her arms
    with complete abandon
    until only she remains

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